You don’t really need statistics for this. I was in the Indiana University Health Center yesterday because my head felt like being stepped on by elephants and my tummy got turned upside down every quarter of an hour. I thought I was dying.

Turn out I was alive, and so are the others who went to the Health Center yesterday – tons of them.

Unaware to the rest of the country, students from states like Indiana, Wisconsin and Illinois are being pounded by the chilly wind dropping the temperature to -20 or even -30 Celsius on a daily basis.

Instead of crying over the pain and the aches that you may have gotten in the past few weeks, divert it to better use! The two other persons who may love you more than anything else in the world other than God would be your parents. And I’m sure it hurts them as much as it hurts you (or worse) to see you walking in the cold, bagged up with tons of cotton-product and animal skins, and dragging your feet through the feet-deep snow in your regular sneakers.

So? Ask them for a ride! A sweet sweet ride.

Ladies – CRY!

Guys – this is the only chance, so please CRY!

Yeap. Thumbs-up for the babes and dudes who finally gotten what they want.

And I will pray for those whose parents just refuse to spend that extra $20k to show you that they love you.

Have fun and God bless. 🙂


If you need to put on your contact lenses and talcum powder after bathing, put your lenses on BEFORE the powder. Because even after you’ve washed your hands, the powder will still stick.

You don’t want to have peppery-minty cornea, do you?

If you’re like me, you’ve realized the inferiority of Microsoft’s Internet explorer and hotmail email service.

I switched from both of those applications and moved on to Firefox and Gmail instead.

One of the many reasons I switched over is the abundance of shortcuts they have.

Gmail keyboard shortcuts (you will have to enable keyboard shortcuts in your settings)

One of my favourite is “g followed by i”, which brings me straight to the inbox. Another is “g then i” (compose new mail)

Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts and Firefox Mouse Shortcuts

The more frequently used shortcuts are:

    • ctrl/cmd + T = new tab
    • ctrl/cmd + N = new window
    • / = search the page
    • ctrl + K = move cursor to the search bar on the top right
    • ctrl + L = move cursor to the address bar

Mouse Shortcuts:

    • Middle click on link = open link in another tab
    • Middle click on a tab = Closes the tab (see, no need to download tab mix plus)
    • ctrl + scroll up/down = increase or decrease font size

What are your favourite shortcuts? Share what you think in the comment box.

Dual Monitor Setting

August 12, 2006

I know that it is very common for us college students to own laptops, so here’s some pimpin’ you can do you maximise usability of your laptop.

Dual Monitors. That’s right, plug a spare computer monitor to your laptop and voila, you can drag any program to that spare monitor. And now you have a bigger screen size. No need to buy that bigger screen laptop you’ve always wanted.

Guide to Dual Monitors

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Virtual Desktop Manager

Virtual Desktop Manager

August 12, 2006

So as we have found out from WWCD06, Mac OS X Leopard is going to have this nifty try called Spaces.
Aren’t windows user envious?

I sure am not. Because hey, all that spaces is doing is just copying what Windows have come up with a long time ago. I really didn’t know where I have been, but Virtual Desktop Manager for Windows really has been around for some time now.

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